I was actually very jealous, because throughout the whole season- actually two seasons, I’ve been asking Lucy to slip me the tongue, whenever we had that Judas kiss.  And then I turn around and I see her pashing Ashur?

Viva Bianca, “Wrath of the Gods” commentary, on Lucretia kissing Ashur


4-9 gifs per episode | a place in this world

Nasir: I’m no fucking soldier.
Spartacus: Not yet.

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“This time you stay and I go.”


Spartacus Meme: 5/9 characters

Julius Caesar

"I came, I saw, I conquered."

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Puppy Love before Paris w @gcaitken & Teddy. He so kewt !!! #puppy #cute #tiny #breakfast | x | x

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ladies of spartacus: vengeance

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The highest rated soap in ancient Rome.

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Spartacus Rewatch
↳ Blood and Sand ➝ Delicate Things

Batiatus: My word is kept, they’re reunited.